Integrity is a basic requirement for all employees of China Beststudy Education Group. We will not tolerate any violation of the laws and regulations or improper behaviors in commercial activities. If you notice any such issues in relation to China Beststudy Education Group employees, please do let us know through the following channel:

Compliance Inbox:

You may keep anonymous when sending messages to this inbox, and we suggest that you provide complete information, as any information included in the whistleblowing report and your personal information will be kept strictly confidential.

Please make sure your complaints are related to integrity or compliance so that they can be followed up properly.

China Beststudy Education Group will, to the extent permitted by laws and policies of China Beststudy Education Group, investigate the case and collect the evidences based on the information provided. 

China Beststudy Education Group reserves the rights to pursue any relevant legal actions against the whistleblowers providing knowingly false or fabricated information, or making any offensive or defamatory statements maliciously about any employee of China Beststudy Education Group. 

In addition, retaliation against whistleblowers, witnesses and investigators are strictly prohibited in China Beststudy Education Group.

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